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Cover up Tattoo Scars Before & After Photos

The most commonly used method to hide the self harm scars is to get a tattoo over the scars. However, tattoo does not hide the self harm scars effectively. Since the skin over the scars is thin and shines under the sun light, they can be noticed by the others despite the tattoo. Besides, the tattoo itself attracts the attention of the others to the area and people realize the scars. I recommend my patients to get several sessions of laser tattoo removal before “dermabrasion and thin skin grafting” operation to get the best aesthetic result possible.

It is not possible to remove the tattoo ink totally by laser or dermabrasion unfortunately. If the patient does not want to try laser before my treatment I can perform “dermabrasion and thin skin grafting” method directly as the first treatment. Whether you have laser treatment before my operation or not, there is no guarantee to hide all the tattoo. As you will recognize the tattoo may not be totally removed but the scars are effectively covered. Moreover; you can have a new tattoo 1-2 year after the surgery if you want to hide the skin graft. You can see the samples of tattoo after the surgery in the FAQ page.

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