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Skin Graft Donor Area (Thigh) Photos After Surgery

I use thin skin graft (skin patch) to cover the raw surface after dermabrasion of the self-harm scar area. The ideal skin graft donor site is thigh region. I harvest skin graft from the lateral (outer) side of the thigh. After harvesting the skin graft, I put 3 layers of antiseptic dressing and keep them there for at least 2 weeks. The skin graft donor area heals spontaneously in 2-3 weeks. The color of the skin graft donor area is pink in the first postoperative months. It takes its final color in 1-2 years. The resultant aesthetic appearance of the donor area depends on several factors such as wound healing properties of the patient, skin type of the patient, strict bed rest and use of some creams that I advice. There will be, less or more, a scar on the skin graft donor area. Generally, dark skin types carry more risk in favor of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation on the donor area.  The hairs on the skin graft donor area are not carried to the operation site.

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