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Wrist Scars Before & After Photos

The Impact of Wrist Cutting Scars

Wrist cutting scars can significantly diminish quality of life, serving as constant reminders of past experiences. These scars are often prominently visible, making everyday activities and clothing choices a challenge for those who wish to conceal them.

Permanent Solution with Dermabrasion and Thin Skin Grafting

The “dermabrasion and thin skin grafting method” offers a permanent solution to these distressing scars. This aesthetic operation, performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia, takes about 1 hour and is designed to effectively hiding the scars under the thin skin graft and turning the self-inflicted scars into a more socially accepted scar such as a burn scar.

Procedure Details

During this procedure, the scarred area is first treated with dermabrasion, which smoothens the skin and prepares it for the grafting process. Following this, a thin skin graft taken from the lateral side of thigh region, is carefully placed over the treated area. This graft integrates with the surrounding skin, creating a more uniform appearance.

Transformational Results: Wrist Scars Before & After

Patients considering this treatment are often encouraged to view before and after photos of those who have undergone the procedure. These images showcase the dramatic transformation that can occur, with scars becoming far less noticeable or even invisible.

Life After the Operation

One of the most significant benefits post-operation is the newfound freedom in clothing choices. Patients can confidently wear short-sleeved outfits without the need to use accessories or clothing to hide scars on the wrist. This represents not just a physical transformation but also a significant emotional and psychological relief.

Healing and Aftercare

Postoperative care is crucial for optimal healing. Patients are provided with detailed instructions on how to care for the treated area to ensure the best possible results. The healing process is generally smooth, with most patients resuming their normal activities approximately 15 – 20 days after the procedure.

Consultation and Personalized Approach

Each case of wrist scarring is unique, and a personalized consultation with a Prof. Dr. Cengiz Açıkel is essential. This ensures a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and goals, paving the way for the best possible outcomes in terms of “wrist scars before & after.”

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